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Thu, 20 Oct 2016 08:15:00 GMT

Adaptive vs. Full Responsive Website Design in Hospitality | By Ahmed Mahmoud
Hospitality Net
Today, there are two prevailing "schools of thought" regarding website design and optimizing the hotel website for the multi-screen device world we live in: Responsive Website Design (RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD). AWD is also known as ...

Sun, 23 Oct 2016 03:54:39 GMT

Lifehacker Australia

The 3-Click Rule Of Website Design Is Largely A Myth (And Other UX Tips)
Lifehacker Australia
When it comes to designing a website, or even a single page, there are a few basic rules: Keep it fast, clean and simple. OK, that's all good and well, but once you get beyond the low-hanging fruit and into the nitty-gritty, what should you be paying ...

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 12:55:27 GMT


100 Useful Web Design Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs
Whether you're a designer in an agency, freelancer or entrepreneur, you use a variety of design tools to get the job done. In the past couple of years, I cofounded a startup, a design magazine and worked with several businesses and individual ...